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Host and deliver online training

Our Learning Management System easily engages users with its customisable interface and onscreen statistics. It makes your courses available, anytime, anywhere, allowing training managers and administrators to record, assign and generate reports from a single administrative interface.

Product Highlights
  • Unique & Innovative

    • Developed by e3Learning from design to implementation.
    • Unique and innovative system design.
    • Learning Activity Builder.
    • Measurable delivery of training.

  • Web Based Solution

    • Fully hosted.
    • Browser based.
    • Just add internet.
    • No additional software or hardware required.

  • Scalable & Reliable

    • Currently delivering 8 million pages per month.
    • Monitored 24/7.
    • Support team of system experts.

  • SCORM Compliant

    • Fully compliant SCORM module.
    • Ability to incorporate with multiple Learning management systems.

Product Features
Self authoring tool (LAB)

The Learning Activity Builder or LearnForce LAB for short, is a client accessible online authoring tool that is integrated with e3Learning’s Learning Management System (LMS) and Contractor Management System.

Group Hierarchy

The Group function is a powerful feature that can significantly reduce the time taken to manage training. Create group hierarchies that match your organisational structure in order to assign training and run reports based on the user’s position, department, cost centre, business unit or geographical location.

Custom Roles & Permissions

Controlling who can access the corporate learning platform is managed using the permission system. The system is scalable allowing you to define custom roles, general system permissions, permissions for groups of users or individual user permissions.

Monitor Login Activity

LearnForce LMS activity reporting, enables you to monitor when your users access the platform and how long it takes them to complete their training.

Training Management

Control and manage the assignment of training to the right people by using the training administration features. Assign training to specific groups of users, individuals or custom roles.

User Profile Management

User profile management feature enables you to create and manage the users who need to access training. Define permissions, assign and manage training and capture personal information on your employees, contractors, or volunteers.

Dashboards and reporting framework

The Reporting and Analytics engine enable you to monitor, track and report on the training delivered across your organisation. Create and define custom reports to easily analyse training progress, historical course completions, external training records and personal records of your full user base.

Configure your help and support

Using one of the LMS's many configuration features, customise the help and support information for your end users. Define the help desk contacts, system requirements, software download and the frequently asked questions for your Learning Platform.

External Training Management

LearnForce is your central database to capture and report on all training completed by your end users; even training that has been completed externally to the LearnForce platform.

Training transcripts

All training delivered and completed by a user in the LMS, be it online, external or face to face can be viewed and reported from the training transcript.

Product Additions
Training Automation

Training automation can be used to automate the delivery and management of training. Our training automation is a highly flexible and scalable system that can achieve almost any complex training delivery requirement, such as refresher training, triggering custom email notifications, assigning training, and automatically resetting courses.


Our LMS is the only system capable of delivering e3Learnings unique Adaptics technology, which provides tailored content to every user based on individual knowledge gaps. Adaptics reduces time and costs by allowing individual training to be modified according to the requirements of each user. Adaptics enabled courses reward learners for retaining knowledge and reduce their training time. This means learners only sit through topics where they have a deficiency but still maintain compliance expectations.

Online Store

An e-commence store is fully integrated in the learning platform. Sell e3Learning courses, your own custom developed courseware or third party SCORM training from the platform to your end users.

Resource Management

Manage the distribution of corporate resources easily and efficiently using the resources management system. Upload corporate resources such as images, documents, audio and video files to easily provide access to your user base.

Course Catalogue

The Course Catalogue is an administration system integrated with in the LMS. Create, define and deliver free or manager approved optional training for your employees, contractors or volunteers.

Implementation & Integration solutions
Single Sign On

Single sign on increases your teams’ efficiency. With single sign on, your users will only have one username and one password to remember. This makes accessing the platform simpler and quicker. Once users are logged onto their machine, they won’t have to re-log-in to the platform.

Integration API

The system works with the systems your team already uses! The integration API lets you automatically pull information and activity from outside tools into the platform in a way that's timely, relevant, and searchable. Stop switching between apps – the system will keep your team's training information all in one place.

Self Registration

Reduce the administration time when creating users on the platform, with the self registration feature. Self registration enables a user to create an account with their own predefined username and password, on the platform.

Batch Uploads

Transfer account and existing training records from internal systems easily onto the platform using e3Learning’s batch upload service. e3Learning will assist you to review, cleanse and manipulate your data making the batch upload process seamless so you can get started as quick as possible.

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