Extensive library suites

Our course libraries include:

  • Workplace Relations
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Health and Aged Care
  • Privacy and Fraud Awareness

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User Focused

e3Learning’s courses offer an interactive experience designed with the end user in mind. By using engaging and dynamic delivery methods, our courses have a multi-modal format which appeals to all learner types. With WCAG 2.0 accessibility and multi-device functionality, our courseware makes training obtainable for everyone.

Quality Learner Outcomes

All courses are professionally scripted by Instructional Designers, using up-to-date content in line with current legislation and best practice standards. e3Learning’s focus on learning principles and learner outcomes ensure that all users gain a comprehensive understanding of the content.

Compliance Assurance

e3Learning’s ready-to-deploy course library offers an easily accessible digital solution for users and organisations. We have the up-to-date content to ensure your workforce is suitably trained and your business risk and compliance management obligations are covered.

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