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Ready-to-Deploy Course Library

With over 475 pre-built digital learning courses ready to use right out of the box, there is a simple solution to onboarding a new employee, building new skills or helping you to change workplace behaviour.

The e3Learning ready‑to‑deploy library is one of the largest in Australia with suites including:


Ethics & Conduct

Ethics and conduct training is essential to preserving a positive business culture and responsive to any ethical dilemmas that could arise. Communicating ethical business behaviour and implementing that behaviour into the workplace is an important business strategy that can only improve a business.


Health & Safety

Employees are your greatest asset to ensure you achieve business objectives, as well as meeting legal and moral obligations in providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. Creating a safe work environment is critical to the success of your business, and one of the best ways to retain staff and maximise productivity.


Leadership & Management

Leadership training is a must for any organisation that wants to lead with their head and follow with their heart. In a modern business, it is essential that your leaders are provided with the training to establish important business proficiencies, aid their professional development and develop strong interpersonal skills.


Health Care

While all professionals should be well-informed, it is especially important for members of the health care or related sectors to be fully qualified and properly
trained. After all, they tend to situations where lives may very well hang in the balance on a daily basis, and being knowledgeable and skilled can make a world of difference when it comes to the care they provide.


Personal Development

One of the most important things you can do to nurture and retain talent is provide them with personal development opportunities. Allowing employees to engage in personal development can aid them to maximise their time, think outside of the box and develop new skills that will benefit your business.


Sales & Customer Service

Sales professionals are often the go, so it’s hard for a company to gather them in one place at one time for a traditional training session. After all, clients can’t be made to wait. However, this doesn’t mean that training should be ignored altogether. In a competitive field such as sales, it takes a knowledgeable salesperson to close a deal.


Health & Wellbeing

Employers are beginning to see the value in understanding their employees’ sense of wellbeing. There are significant advantages for organisations that can enhance the wellbeing of their employees with training able to be an important lever to both individuals and employers.


Digital Learning with the end user in mind

Our courses are built in Australia, endorsed by subject matter experts and frequently updated to ensure the content remains in line with current legislation and best practices.

We can personalise courses to align with your company brand to ensure a consistent experience for your workforce.

The courses are ready to distribute to your employees right out of the box with the systems and platforms that you already use.

User Focused

e3Learning’s courses offer an interactive experience designed with the end user in mind. By using engaging and dynamic delivery methods, our courses have a multi-modal format which appeals to all learner types. With WCAG 2.0 accessibility and multi-device functionality, our courseware makes training obtainable for everyone.

Quality Learner Outcomes

All courses are professionally scripted by Instructional Designers, using up-to-date content in line with current legislation and best practice standards. e3Learning’s focus on learning principles and learner outcomes ensure that all users gain a comprehensive understanding of the content.

Compliance Assurance

e3Learning’s ready-to-deploy course library offers an easily accessible digital solution for users and organisations. We have the up-to-date content to ensure your workforce is suitably trained and your business risk and compliance management obligations are covered.

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