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Create, manage, deliver and report on all your workforce training assets using one fully-integrated system

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What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

An LMS is the central software framework that handles all aspects of your organisation’s training process.

Why use an LMS?

With an LMS, you can create, manage and deliver all your organisation’s training content, whether it’s eLearning, face-to-face, or a combination of both. Tracking tools allow the status of individual and organisation-wide training goals to be measured and assessed. Performance and behavioural data, are readily accessible, providing the insights necessary to inform a cogent training strategy.

In regulated industries, an LMS allows you to see the big picture when it comes to compliance, making sure nothing slips through the cracks. By providing a simple and intuitive user interface, an LMS allows your workforce to focus fully on their learning tasks.

But, that’s just the beginning. LearnForce does a whole lot more…

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The Three C’s of a Good LMS

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What's under the hood?

LearnForce comprises ten integrated product components for end users to conduct their training, record their compliance and run reports.

Learning development

Manage delivery for in-classroom, external and online training.


Create a browsable catalogue of available training courses in which users can self-enrol.

Activity Builder
Activity builder

Build and administrate your own online or in-classroom courseware for delivery through LearnForce.


Manage compliance across your entire workforce – including registration, induction, verification and reporting – of employees, contractors and volunteers.


A corporate-branded front end for students to access assigned training, help and support, as well as links to other LearnForce products.


Provide students access to your library of resources, such as policies, procedures and instructional multimedia.


Get real-time reports on training delivery and assessment results to visualise and manage your organisation’s compliance.


Manage the entire suite, including LearnForce branding, permissions, roles and product-specific setup from a central point.


Easily integrate with third-party application using LearnForce’s variety of integration solutions.


Access our product support systems, including release changelog, knowledge base and live system status facilities.

Key benefits of LearnForce


Latest technologies


Best Practice

best practice



maximum reliability
Robust infrastructure:

LearnForce is cloud-based, hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Australia and Europe, and accessible globally through any Internet-connected device.

World-class security:

LearnForce’s infrastructure and applications have been redesigned using the latest technologies and enhanced permissions to survive all online hacking attempts.

State-of-the-art technology:

Maximise availability, security and compliance with a system built from the ground-up using the most modern software development tools and methodologies.

Device-wide compatibility:

Now leveraging the latest in browser technology, LearnForce is accessible on all web-enabled devices, including personal computers, tablets and smartphones.

Lightning-fast performance:

LearnForce now takes full advantage of the latest browser technologies to deliver lightning-fast performance on any device.

User-focused design:

LearnForce’s modern, newly-optimised UI makes it simple for all users to manage their training and compliance.

What’s new in LearnForce

We've expanded the LearnForce knowledge base – access product support, user guides and help videos; relevant articles, and enrol into webinars.

Rebuilt with a fresh design

We’ve rebuilt LearnForce from the ground up using state-of-the-art software development technologies to enhance speed and compatibility.

Plus, a new, redesigned User Interface (UI) now provides a consistent experience across all LearnForce products and for all users – whether they’re on a web-enabled desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

More configuration options and status reporting

With LearnForce’s new, detailed configuration options and a customisable look and feel, you can create a corporate-branded training system that meets all your business requirements.

And, with LearnForce’s new status page, you can track and monitor system uptime, upcoming maintenance periods, and current and scheduled incidents.

Tighter integration

Creating and delivering your own training activities is now easier with a more tightly-integrated LearnForce Activity Builder (LAB).

You can easily manage your SCORM-compliant training courses, and track training points and funding for each course.

Deploy LearnForce in your organisation

LearnForce can be deployed across organisations of any size – choose a licensing tier that suits your needs.

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LearnForce Entry

Everything you need to get started with LearnForce

ENTRY allows you to deliver, track and report on all your LearnForce-native training courses at your organisation – it’s compliance made easy!

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LearnForce Pro

Create your own content and manage workplace compliance

PRO comes with all the standard features, plus it allows you to author and host your own training courses, integrate with your existing systems and learning material, and provide a course catalogue for easy self-enrolment.

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LearnForce Enterprise

The complete enterprise compliance package

With ENTERPRISE, you have a robust and reliable enterprise compliance management system. Deliver, track and report on all training activities for both in-classroom and online training.
ENTERPRISE customers receive extra hosting storage, additional support options, and classroom booking tools.

+ SITEPASS Improved workflow and compliance management tools

Add SITEPASS to any LearnForce installation – ENTRY, PRO or ENTERPRISE – to access additional features that allow you to manage contractors, create compliance forms, manage employee workflows, and conduct site inductions and verifications.

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