08 Feb Latest Updates from the e3Learning Course Library

e3Learning continually reviews and updates our eLearning courses to ensure they meet the required standards or are aligned to best practice. Please make note of the following changes: Work Health and Safety Fundamentals (ID 8180) This course has been developed to provide an understanding of health and safety responsibilities...

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08 Feb Stress-free start to the year!

If you ask anyone at e3Learning to describe 2015 with one word, undoubtedly the majority will tell you that 2015 was a busy year. Whilst being ‘busy’ is often perceived as something good (after all, Google’s definition of ‘busy’ is having a great deal to do,...

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08 Feb 5 Talent Trends for 2016

2016 sees major changes in the professional workplace: the arrival of Generation Z, the advancement of technology, the revolution of recruitment processes. Here are the top 5 talent trends that will determine the direction of organisations in 2016. Which should be on your radar? 1. Talent planning...

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08 Feb 5 ways to build a team that delivers

Most organisations recognise the importance of team building as performance indicators show that effective teams will almost always outperform people working individually, particularly in high-pressure situations or when multiple skillsets are needed. However, building effective teams requires more than an abstract commitment to teamwork; it...

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29 Jun Hazardous Chemicals for Managers and Supervisors Online Training Course

According to a recent report by Safe Work Australia an exposure to chemicals is the third most common type of hazard exposure for workers. Managers and supervisors have a primary duty of care, which involves providing a safe work environment and safe work duties for staff. Failure to meet these requirements and minimum standards can result in injury to employees, as well as prosecution to employers.
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16 Jun Duty of Care for Victorian Managers and Supervisors Online Training Course

According to the 2014 annual report by WorkSafe Victoria, 26,588 injury and illness claims were lodged within 2013/14. Employers are obligated to ensure employees’ safety. Failure to fulfil their duty of care, may give rise to legal action. In order to ensure that your organisation and staff comply with best practice, education and regular training must be undertaken.
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