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HPS and its network of pharmacies – Creating a 100% compliant workforce

The Background

HPS and its network of pharmacies are Australia’s leading supplier of pharmacy services to health facilities, including private hospitals, public hospitals, cancer centres, correctional facilities, veterinary clinics, and fertility clinics. HPS employ more than 400 employees across Australia, operating in all states and in the Northern Territory.

The Challenge

Historically, induction training at HPS was the responsibility of individual line managers. HPS’ Human Resources department provided a New Starter Induction Pack to each manager upon the commencement of a new employee, however it was ultimately up to that individual manager to onboard the new starter. The process was offline and manual, which made reporting and following up on potential non-compliance issues difficult. =The process was also time consuming, requiring up to one week to complete.

One of the main issues that occurred using this manual onboarding process was that the policies and procedures distributed to the sites were not always current. This meant employees were not always aware of the policies, procedures and programs applicable to them.

With a strong business growth curve commencing in 2012, HPS required a more efficient induction method. An online delivery method was chosen as it ideally suited HPS’ needs across induction, systems and compliance areas. As the organisation is based across many metropolitan and regional locations, it was vital that training was consistent among all employees and there was a simple way to track and report on compliance. Ideally, HPS sought a system that would allow new employees from any location within Australia to engage in consistent induction training prior to commencing their first day at work.

The ideal online solution for HPS and its network of pharmacies needed to fulfil the following requirements:

  • A custom-branded portal
  • A Learning Management System to host and deliver courses
  • Access to up-to-date compliance content in online course libraries that are in line with legislative requirements
  • Support for the Learning Management System
  • Minimal administration and paperwork, and
  • Ability to build and customise online training courses.

As part of an online induction solution, HPS also identified they required a customised induction module. The performance criteria for this module was to ensure each employee would be able to:

  • Identify HPS Pharmacies’ services and the industries in which it operates
  • Understand the company structure and its expansive network
  • Appreciate the values and philosophies that underpin its company culture
  • Realise the benefits and expectations of all HPS employees, and
  • Meet their work health and safety compliance obligations.

HPS’ major pain point for implementing an online induction solution was transitioning from an entirely offline process to a fully online process. As such, HPS sought to engage an external company who could provide support through the transition process.


The Solution

e3Learning was the eLearning provider selected to implement an online training solution for HPS and its network of pharmacies. The implementation included a custom-branded portal where administrators and employees could log in to access online training and records.

In order to meet HPS’ specific requirements, e3Learning customised an induction course. Additionally, four titles from e3Learning’s compliance library were selected as part of the full HPS induction program. These four titles initially selected were:

  1. Bullying and Harassment for Workers
  2. Equal Employment Opportunity – Employees
  3. National Information Privacy Awareness, and
  4. Work Health and Safety Fundamentals.

All courseware was hosted and delivered on e3Learning’s proprietary Learning Management System, LearnForce. LearnForce tracks user activity, produces certificates of completion, administrative reports and automates refresher training in accordance with HPS’ requirements.

The online induction program was well integrated into its portal environment, providing clear links for help and tips on what to do in activities. It used custom interactivity to meet the instructional design specifications and included expert animation and illustration to engage the learner. The program was constructed according to professional instructional design standards, ensuring information was logically presented, structured and in line with adult learning principles.

The design used a range of innovative ideas to help learners integrate their learning into practice. Some examples of this include:

  • A website that is accessible across web browsers to accommodate multiple computer specifications
  • Use of high end interactivity to provide an engaging learning experience
  • Utlising emails and the HPS intranet to communicate with learners, and
  • Implementing a success ladder providing site-by-site comparisions to create a State versus State, and site versus site competition.

The Result

On 25th September 2013, an internal strategy initiative was set by HPS. This initiative was developed to encourage all HPS employees to complete their online induction training. By close of business 29th November 2013, every HPS employee achieved 100% compliance within the five mandatory induction modules,–an exceptional outcome.

As a result of the online solution, managers found they had made significant time improvements by encouraging new employees to complete their online induction modules prior to commencement, or on their first day. The online induction solution has significantly reduced the  process of onboarding new employees from an entire week to one to two days.

Since completing their online induction, employees have also reported increased job satisfaction. The increased safety awareness and accountability has resulted in continuous improvement within the workplace; reducing workplace injuries and creating a robust safety culture.

HPS’ employees have been extremely positive about the online induction solution providing HPS with the following feedback:

“HPS’ eLearning module is excellent. Well put together, looks professional and easy to use. Well done to the whole team involved in putting this together because it’s a quality product.”

“HPS does a lot of training and reviews, which is great.”

“The modules are very professional and given we work with pharmacists and are moving in a corporate environment, we felt we needed that professional approach, rather than moving towards the ‘comic strip’ type modules.”

HPS confirmed  all budgetery requirements were met on this project and induction costs have significantly reduced since implementing the eLearning induction program.


HPS’ online induction solution has been recognised as a finalist in the 2014 LearnX Impact Awards for the Induction category. The online induction solution was also selected as a finalist in the 2014 AITD National Training Excellence Awards in the eLearning Achievement category.

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