About Us

With compliance and training being fundamental to the success of all organisations, e3Learning provides the learning tools that builds that confidence in your business, namely the advanced platform that hosts our management systems, courses and reporting.

As a global leader in online training and workforce management, e3Learning provides everything you need in one place. Real-time data means you can zero in on what matters most, from automating and tracking online training for your employees to ensuring contractors are registered and certified.


Our eLearning solutions span vastly different fields, including: healthcare, aged care, finance, education, government, manufacturing, aviation, mining and construction.

In November 2016 e3Learning joined the City & Guilds Group.

e3Learning is better positioned than ever before to enhance its offer to both existing and new clients in Asia Pacific and beyond. Combined, the City & Guilds Group operates in over 80 countries, through 10,000 training centres, delivering qualifications in 26 different industries.


The City & Guilds Group is a global leader in skills development. Its purpose is to enable people and organisations to develop their skills for personal and economic growth.

e3Learning is a holistic provider of online training solutions designed for your entire workforce.

We are the eLearning provider of choice and here’s why:

Our approach to business:

As a multiple award winning service provider, our success can be credited to our quality-over-quantity approach and willingness to think outside the square. We are one of the only eLearning providers in Australia that offer a holistic solution. With expertise across all areas of online training, we aim to consistently produce projects of the highest standard with each implementation tailored to individual client needs.


Our approach to eLearning:

We blend proven learning principles and methodologies with eLearning best practice and interactivity in order to create effective online training solutions. Our courses are designed to put the learner in control of their own training, facilitating the best outcome for users of all learning styles. We aim to create eLearning modules that guarantee usability, design and most importantly, learner outcomes.

Our approach to technology:

We strive to stay at the forefront of technological advances and continually grow in our industry. This on-going commitment can be demonstrated through our multi-year listings in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 (2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014). Our systems are supported by in-house experts who work to continuously improve functionality without compromising usability. We aim to continue evolving our technological solutions to meet industry standards as well as our client’s needs.

Our approach to our people:

Our team is made up of creative, dedicated professionals committed to creating the best possible products and services for our clients and partners. Our flexible, can-do attitude mixed with our practicality and expertise enables us to deliver professional and straight-forward client-focused solutions. We aim to leave every interaction with the reputation of being friendly, professional and responsive.

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