e3Learning is on the fast track

e3Learning is on the fast track

e3Learning is proud to announce that we have made the 2012 BRW Fast 100 list – making us Australia’s fastest growing elearning company.

This is the first year e3Learning has made it into the top 100 and a great indication that we are on the right track moving forward.  This award looks at how we are growing as a company and is a great addition to our trophy room.

What is the BRW Fast100?

“The leading business magazine examining the trends and opportunities shaping Australian business.”

BRW annually ranks the top 100 fastest growing small and medium sized businesses in the country. Rankings are determined by annual revenue growth over three years with the top 100 companies making the list. The 2012 Fast100 was published in the October-November edition of BRW and subscribers can also see the list online.

In addition to the Fast100 list in BRW, e3 was featured in another article about companies in the education and training sector in the magazine:

“e3Learning is also using an online path to growth, although it offers compliance training rather than education. Chief executive Tony Fairbairn says its competitive pricing has allowed it to grow quickly. He does stress that it is not only the cost advantage but also the quality of the online product.”

“With average annual growth over four years of almost 45 percent . . . the company is based in Adelaide, allowing it to reduce costs. Fairbairn says rental space is about one-third cheaper compared with Sydney and Melbourne and staff costs are about 20 percent less. This is a key advantage, as typically more than 80 percent of the costs for online learning businesses are staff and rent, he says.”

“This cost advantage has contributed to domestic growth and helped expansion in overseas markets, even with an unfavourable exchange rate.”

“This year, 15 percent of our business is in the UK and New Zealand,” he says, adding that more than one-quarter of the business is expected to come from international sales in the next few years.”

 BRW Fast100 issue

The e3 team would like to thank all our partners and clients who have assisted us in achieving such fantastic results as we look forward to another fast and successful year in 2013!

If you would like more information about our award-winning services, contact us or email us at info@e3learning.com.au to organise a meeting.