LearnX Conference 2011

LearnX Conference 2011

We attended the annual LearnX Conference in Brisbane earlier this month. It was great to touch base with the broader industry and see a diverse range of elearning projects on the go.

It was excellent to hear some ideas about ‘Scrap’ learning. Research is suggesting that up to 80% of training delivered but not applied is going to waste or ‘scrap’. This phenomenon has further reinforced our confidence with our unique Adaptics process that provides targeted training to every individual based on filtering course content, significantly reducing or eliminated unnecessary training.

It was also great to accept our 5 awards. We knew we had achieved something special when we needed to pay extra baggage on our flights back home.

Just a reminder of what you missed:

Platinum Awards

Best Safety Training Program

LearnX Platinum Award 2011The University of NSW engaged e3 to develop a custom elearning course for OH&S Induction. The course incorporates premium flash delivery, high levels of interactivity and a unique laboratory safety simulation. A special congratulations to Adam and Veronica from UNSW.

‘Our Online OHS Awareness training course has been getting rave reviews from both staff and management, the layout, look and interactive activities all help make this a great product’ Adam Janssen, UNSW

Best Graphic Designer

LearnX Platinum Award 2011e3 is often selected by customers due to our strong focus on quality graphic design. We can only achieve this by hiring the very best talent. Congratulations to our Senior Graphic Designer, Grant ‘Platinum’ Purtle.

Gold Awards

Best Training Provider

LearnX Gold Award 2011This award recognises e3’s whole training proposition; taking into account our staff, processes, products and services and experience delivering elearning solutions worldwide.

Best LMS/Hosted

LearnX Gold Award 2011Based purely on nominations, this award represents the quality and capability of e3’s LearnForce LMS. This is a credit to our growing team of programmers and designers who launched the recent LearnForce v7.

Best Compliance Training Program

LearnX Gold Award 2011Working in collaboration with the National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA) our Work Health and Safety Fundamentals course has been recognised as the very best in compliance. So we are particularly enthusiastic about showing customers the benefits of this new course, written with the impending harmonisation laws in mind.